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Workers’ Compensation

If you’re injured at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay for medical costs related to your injury and for lost wages due to disability.

Why do I need an attorney to handle my workers’ compensation case?

Ohio workers’ compensation law is very complex and difficult to navigate effectively. On top of that, your claim must be completed within a short time frame. It’s no wonder many workers’ compensation claims are rejected after their first submission.

Your chances of success are much greater with the help of the experienced attorneys at Casper, Casper & Casper. We know how to deal with the complicated bureaucratic system that processes workers’ compensation claims in Ohio. We know the tactics the other side uses to negotiate. And we’re experienced at maneuvering through the maze of rules, regulations and exceptions.

Common pitfalls we help you avoid

For an injury to be covered by workers’ compensation, several criteria must be met. For example, the injury must be work related and on the clock. But oftentimes these two criteria are not clear-cut, so the court decides if the injury meets them. If this happens in your case, our attorneys are very adept at persuading the court to rule in your favor.

Another common reason workers’ compensation claims are denied is missing or incomplete medical information. Our detail-oriented attorneys will compile and analyze your medical records to make sure the full extent of your injuries – and any lasting impairments – are fully documented.

We’ll work with you from beginning to end

After your free consultation with us, we’ll determine if you have a legitimate claim. If you do, we’ll walk you through the steps and handle most of the process for you by:

  • Helping you fill out the forms completely
  • Deposing medical experts
  • Gathering and developing evidence
  • Working with the insurance companies
  • Representing you at your workers’ comp hearing
  • Negotiating the best settlement possible for you

With the help of Casper, Casper & Casper, you can focus on your recovery while we work tirelessly to win the compensation you need and deserve.

We’re not paid until you are. Guaranteed.

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