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Can I work and still receive Social Security Disability?


Do you know the strict, detailed rules on earning income while receiving Social Security disability? If you want to work and still qualify for benefits, check out this article first.

Generally, to be found disabled, you must be found incapable of performing “substantial gainful activity”, or SGA.  This means that in 2017, you were unable to make more than $1,170 per month (or $1,920 if you are blind).  While waiting on a decision on your disability benefits, you may not earn more than $1,170 per month for a consecutive three month stretch and still be considered disabled over that time.  An exception to the rule, is if the work attempt lasted up to six months and was ended by an exacerbation of your health condition.  In this instance, you would still be eligible to prove your disability over that time frame.

Once you are found disabled, individuals are given a nine-month trial work period where you still can receive your full SSDI amount whether they make more than the SGA amount. In these situations, any month where your earnings are greater than $840 are counted against your nine-month trial work period.  The nine-month period does not take in to account whether these trial work months are consecutive or not.

There are very strict rules on how to report and document earned income properly.  For help with your Social Security Disability claim or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim, please contact the attorneys of Casper, Casper & Casper at 513-909-9999 or 513-909-9999.  With 85 years of combined experience and offices located in Hamilton, Middletown, Dayton & Cincinnati, the attorneys of Casper, Casper & Casper may be the difference between winning and losing your claim.  Call now for a free appointment, or contact them at


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